CAM means more to us than just creating toolpaths

Automation solutions and complete machining are becoming an increasingly important topic. Especially due to globalization, the idea of efficient manufacturing is becoming more and more important, i.e. the task for hardware and software manufacturers is getting bigger, because setup and non-productive times should be reduced to a minimum.

The individual processes for an optimal WORKFLOW in manufacturing companies depend decisively on the batch sizes to be produced. The smaller the batches and the less frequently part families recur, the more important it is to design the entire process flow efficiently and, above all, to keep an eye on unit costs.

In addition to complete machining, automation solutions are becoming increasingly important. Expectations of a modern CAM process are rising; or the question arises, what does the manufacturing cell need to produce the first good part as quickly as possible?

From the drawing to the "perfect NC program" as quickly and easily as possible

The necessary data in the right place at the right time

Full control of the increasingly complex machine kinematics

Simulation of the complete manufacturing process based on real data


Error-free NC programming

Secure "know-how", centralize it and make it accessible to every employee

Reduce manufacturing costs

Standardize and automate manufacturing processes

Increase flexibility and vertical integration

Reduce non-productive time at the machine tool and sustainably increase O.E.E.