ESPRIT - Inspired by the vision of technology's potential

ESPRIT® is a high-performance CAM system for CNC programming, optimization and simulation — supporting any class of CNC machine via one common user interface and workflow. Using a digital twin of the CNC to simplify the programming process, ESPRIT delivers edit-free G-code. Combined with ESPRIT's ability to solve workflow challenges with individually tailored automation solutions, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application. 


Machine-aware CAM programming is a fundamental change in the way CNC machines are driven, simplifying the programming while increasing tool life, reducing cycle times, and improving machine performance. Unlike traditional CAM software, ESPRIT's patent-pending machine-aware algorithms use a digital twin of the CNC machine, tooling, and workholding to drive ESPRIT's most advanced and beneficial features for CNC programming, optimization, and simulation. In short, machine awareness:

  • Uses a digital twin of your CNC machine, part setup, and cutting tool assemblies
  • Powers our most advanced features from high-speed machining to post processing
  • Helps you use your machine's full capabilities 

Machine swap

Machine swap: Change the setup or swap the machine, and the AI engine automatically updates the program considering the new setup and physical capabilities of the chosen machine tool. 

Setup changes: Automatic detection of setup changes such as workpiece split, reposition, eject, and transfer​ thanks to the AI engine and its machine awareness.

Short-run and production programs: When switching between short runs for small lot sizes and multi-part production runs for larger lots, the AI engine reorganizes the program to maximize process concurrency across multiple parts, therefore optimizing the total cycle time. 

Stock-Aware Toolpath

Adapting to setup and process changes, ESPRIT® dynamically optimizes toolpaths based on the the real-time state of the stock, eliminating air cuts and minimizing repositioning for optimized cycle times.

High-performance cycles, including ProfitMilling® for 2- to 5-axis high-speed roughing and ProfitTurning™ for high-speed turning, facing, and grooving, yield shorter cycle times and longer tool life by monitoring tool loads and optimizing cutting speeds.

  • High-speed machining with ProfitMilling and ProfitTurning
  • Feedrate optimization for smooth acceleration and maximum velocity
  • Rotary machining available with all machining cycles
  • Rotary solutions optimized for 3+2- and 5-axis cutting
  • In-process stock models eliminate air cuts and minimize repositioning 

Automatic Links

The ESPRIT AI engine automatically creates collision-free rapid positioning between toolpath cutting cycles. These links are optimized for the machine, tooling, and setup.

The result is automatic, efficient, and safe positioning between cutting and non-cutting operations, tool changes, and part handling.

  • Fully automated positioning moves
    • Short run links: Conservative, multiple restart points
    • Production links: Tuned for absolute minimum cycle times
  • Respecting your machines' travel limits
  • Optimized rotary solutions for 3+2- and 5-axis positioning
  • Includes RTCP links for 5-axis programming