ESPRIT SolidMill®

ESPRIT SolidMill® is a full-spectrum suite of milling cycles for facing, roughing, contouring and finishing, and hole making. With ESPRIT’s Modeless Programming™, these cycles are universally available on any class of CNC machine: vertical, horizontal, and gantry mills, millturn, and lathes -- including Swiss-type. With SolidMill cycles, quickly generate efficient milling toolpaths while keeping extensive control over the movements of the cutting tool, supporting unique requirements of individual parts. Automatic calculation of the stock allows the system to generate efficient toolpaths while avoiding tool breakage and collisions. Machine-optimized G-code uses the advanced functions of the CNC, such as helical and polar interpolation, high-speed and high-precision options, and the machine’s built-in canned cycles.

In short, SolidMill:

  • Is a full-spectrum suite of milling cycles universally available for any class of CNC machine
  • Quickly generates toolpath with extensive control to support the unique requirements of each part
  • Produces edit-free, machine-optimized G-code



This high-speed machining cycle is designed for roughing to significantly reduce cycle times and increase tool life. Its patented technology automatically manages chip loads and lateral cutting forces, while also maintaining the cutter engagement angle and machine axes acceleration within ideal ranges. With ProfitMilling, the machine can take deeper cuts at increased feedrates which are also automatically tuned throughout the toolpath for optimal results. Compared to traditional machining, ProfitMilling delivers:

  • 75% reduction of cycle time
  • 500% increase in tool life

ESPRIT CAM-Software Fräsen enthält folgende Zyklen

  • Facing: Removes material on a flat surface with linear cutting passes 
  • ProfitMilling: A high-speed machining cycle for roughing that significantly reduces cycle times and increases tool life
  • Pocketing: Offers any combination of rough and finish cycles for pockets, walls, and floors
  • Contouring:  A universal machining cycle for rough and finish machining profiles, boundaries, chamfers, or part features 
  • Drilling:  Holemaking cycles for blind, through, deep, threaded, countersunk, and counterbored holes with the option of using a spinning tool, a spinning workpiece, or both


  • Spiraling:  Creates a milling operation in the shape of a spiral on the inside or outside of cylindrical shapes
  • Threading: Internal or external thread milling 
  • Wireframe Milling: Creates 3D milling operations from two-dimensional profiles
  • Manual Milling: Creates a milling operation along manually selected geometric elements or locations
  • Engraving: Creates a milling operation to engrave text with multiple options to control the font, size, and orientation of the text. Choose from three strategies: centerline contouring, V carving, or concentric pocketing