ESPRIT SolidTurn®

SolidTurn® is a suite of turning and part handling cycles available for use on any class of CNC lathe, mill, or millturn machine. Use ESPRIT’s Modeless Programming to combine turning cycles with any of ESPRIT’s other machining and inspection cycles to create one complete process with machine-optimized, edit-free G-code. As a full-spectrum solution, SolidTurn quickly produces efficient rough and finish toolpaths for a wide variety of workpieces and machining situations. To support unique requirements for specific parts and materials, ESPRIT offers extensive user control of individual cutter movements. These stock-aware machining cycles consider the remaining stock, tool assembly, workholding, and the complete virtual machine to assure an optimized and collision-free toolpath.

  • Turning and part handling cycles for use on any class of CNC lathe, mill, or millturn
  • Combines milling, turning, and probing cycles into one program
  • Quickly produces efficient toolpaths for a wide variety of workpieces and machining situations
  • Extensive toolpath control supports unique requirements for special parts and materials

A Full-Spectrum Solution 

Use the SolidTurn machining cycles on any CNC machine capable of turning, including traditional lathes with horizontal or vertical spindles, and milling machines with turning capability. For turning centers, ESPRIT supports live tooling, part handling, and highly specialized configurations such as spindles with turning axes mounted anywhere on the machine. ESPRIT offers a natural workflow for programming, optimization, and simulation of a full suite of traditional turning cycles, followed with seamless output of machine-optimized G-code. Beyond the traditional cycles, ESPRIT offers optional support for:

  • Multiple spindles with workpiece transfer and part-off for front and back work
  • Multiturret, multichannel synchronized machining
  • Millturn and multitasking for up to 5-axis simultaneous milling 
  • Tailstocks, steady rests, and support devices
  • Collinear axes and 3+ rotary axes


For high-speed rough turning and grooving, ESPRIT offers ProfitTurning, an innovative cutting cycle that allows significantly higher cutting speeds over traditional turning methods. ProfitTurning uses an algorithm that closely manages cutter engagement, producing a toolpath that has consistent chip loads and cutting forces, less vibration, and lower residual stresses on the part, making it particularly useful for thin walls or hard materials such as superalloys. ProfitTurning increases machine productivity and lengthens tool life.

  • 25% reduction in cycle time
  • 300% increase in tool life

SolidTurn Cycles

  • Roughing: Multiple passes at incremental depths for rough turning and facing, from regularly or irregularly shaped stock with the option of a finish pass
  • Grooving: On the OD, ID or face of a part, with rough passes, finish passes, or both. The entire operation uses the same cutting tool
  • Contouring: An all-in-one facing, ID turning, and OD turning cycle 
  • Drilling: Use a spinning tool, a spinning workpiece, or both
  • Threading: Single- or multi-point threading of straight, tapered, constant, and variable lead threads
  • Cutoff: Removal of a workpiece from the machine or the transfer of the workpiece to a second spindle; part catchers are also supported
  • Manual Turning: Create a turning operation along manually selected Z, X positions using rapid or feed as needed
  • Pickup: Transfer a workpiece from one spindle to another, or to hold a workpiece in both spindles for added support
  • Bar Feeder: With or without a stopper tool, or use a second spindle or turret to pull the bar forward 
  • Release: For a part transfer or to release a part at the end of machining
  • Tailstock: Positioning and engagement control
  • Steady Rest: Positioning and engagement control, clamping and unclamping of the device