NX for Design streamlines and accelerates the product development process

The most powerful, flexible, and innovative product development solution in the industry, NX for Design has the features, performance, and capabilities to help you get product to market faster than ever before.

NX for Design enables you to deliver products “right to market, first time" using more virtual product models and fewer, more costly, physical prototypes. This leads to market gains, lower development costs, and improved product quality.

Model Based Definition

Model Based Definition enables the production of a complete digital definition of a product within a 3D model, thus replacing a traditional drawing. By empowering the model as the single source of truth product teams are able to save valuable time by incorporating product and process information and ensure that intent is completely captured and associated to the model. Compared to drawing-centric workflows, NX reduces the time spent on engineering documentation, drives downstream tools for validation and manufacturing, and reduces late changes and scrap. With one source of dimensional and tolerance information, there’s no need to worry about drawings and models not agreeing with each other. In addition, annotated 3D models are easier to understand than complex drawings, reducing training needs and the chance for errors.

Modeling Technology Platform

Build your design on the strongest platform

Deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost. With NX you can use the most productive modeling approaches interchangeably – from explicit solid and surface modeling to parametric and direct modeling, along with facet-based modeling.