Process consulting

Discover hidden potentials, operational gaps and cost drivers in your CAM process. Our experienced process consultants work with you to analyze your existing processes and place them in the context of your long-term business goals. The result will be outlined as a strategy paper for your CAD/CAM project, with the aim of defining measures that will lead to concrete improvements in the short, medium and long term.

User training

In order to introduce your employees as successfully as possible to their new tasks, we rely exclusively on individually designed training courses. Already in our basic training courses, which comprise a maximum of 4 course participants and take place at your premises or in our well-equipped training center, your components are included at an early stage.

Expert knowledge is imparted by our highly qualified and experienced technicians in the form of workshops, which take place directly at your site and are exclusively related to your requirements.

We are also happy to work out an individual training plan with you. In this way, we can ensure that new employees quickly meet your performance expectations in CAM programming.

Implementation and project management

Due to a growing pressure of digitalization, the requirements for project management are becoming increasingly complex. With our agile project management, we support you in implementing your projects as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Through clearly coordinated individual goals, a defined project team, your investment always meets the greatest benefit.