Checkit B4

Cloud-Enabled CHECKitB4

Pimpel GmbH Partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

DATELINE —July 8, 2014 — Pimpel GmbH, publisher of CHECKitB4 CNC setup,
verification and simulation software, has partnered with Machining Cloud GmbH to provide
their users direct access to the up-to-date cutting-tool product data available on the cloud thereby
boosting the efficiency and accuracy of the CHECKitB4 solutions.
Machining Cloud's mission is to provide the manufacturing community with a singlesource
of access to complete and up-to-date product data from leading manufacturers of cutting
tools, machine tools and more. By connecting these manufacturers with their end users, the
Machining Cloud significantly reduces the frustration and time associated with finding, selecting
and determining the best use of these products. Using the Machining Cloud tablet and desktop
apps users have access to a rich set of software features including selector, configurator, advisor,
job management, reporting and commerce. Through the Machining Cloud the manufacturer's
descriptive, usage and geometric information and application knowledge is readily available for
users to power their CAM systems, tool-management software, cutting-tool presetters, machine
tools and other data-hungry shop equipment.

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